100% Breathable Men's Ribbed Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve Henley (White)

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NOW with "Raglan" design the shoulders are now seamless -- allowing for perfect contouring of the shoulders & even greater flexibility of the arm/shoulder joint! Silky soft American-made 2x1 Modal RIB used exclusively to provide style, comfort & sleek warmth -- providing unlimited range of motion. Additional rib-paneling on the sides of the torso for flexible rotation & comfort. Softer yet more durable than cotton, with superior moisture wicking - this thermal will last for years!

Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve (White)

Every man needs utmost comfort all the times. This begins with getting the right clothing for every occasion. Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve is made to make your life easier as far as dressing is concerned. Yoga is personal and mostly done in solitude. However, it still calls for proper dressing. You do not want your mind stuck on the tight top or your motion disrupted by a loose fitting cloth. The Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve top makes the sessions not only fruitful but makes you feel good while at it.

You will hardly find anything in the market done as perfectly as the Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve men’s top. The raglan design is seamless, hence no seam distracting joints. It also allows great shoulder movement to the wearer, which is essential in Yoga and other sports.

To provide unmatched style and comfort, the designer uses silky soft 2×1Modal RIB which is made in America. This top also gives you sleek warmth even in the winter season. You will enjoy an unlimited range of motion, whether gentle and calculated or wild and vigorous like Snowboarding, Skiing and Ice Skating.

Thanks to the extra rib-paneling on the sides of the torso that provides maximum movement and untold comfort. The top is gentle on your skin as it is softer than cotton, yet more durable. This thermal wicks moisture too! It only spots a seam down the center of the back, which is stylishly done in the bamboo green thread. No tight grips. Just form fitting and perfect for layering. With this top, you will run errands in style.

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Characteristics of the Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve

  • The top is a money saver as you will wear it for various engagements. Not just Yoga sessions. It is perfect for that casual weekend, retreat, Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Skiing, among others. You can also just stroll in style.
  • It is soft on your skin as it is softer than cotton. At the same time, it lasts longer than you can imagine.
  • Each piece is 100 % unique. The tops are handmade in Los Angeles with undivided attention given to each work. Wear it with confidence as there is only one of its kind on the planet. Yours!

SIZING GUIDE: the size MEDIUM is ideal for anyone 5'10 - 6'2 in the 160 to 180lb range. Go UP one size if you have a heavier frame or prefer a more "relaxed" fit. Size XL available in some colors. (See chart for measurements).

Size Body Length Chest Sleeve
Small 27" 38" 33"
Medium 28" 40" 35"
Large 29" 42" 36"
X-Large 30" 44" 36"

Model in a photo: 180 lbs, 6'2, Size: M

Size: S, M, L, XL (please choose)

Color: White

In conclusion

Every man should have a simple, well fitting and comfortable top that you can quickly grab and wear. Thermal V-neck Long Sleeve allows you to have both convenience and style without denting your pocket. Here is a perfect opportunity for you to impress effortlessly. After all, you never know who is watching. Regardless of your size, you will find a perfect fit from the S, M, L or XL. Check out the size guide and order yours today.

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