American-made Men's Sustain Tank Top for Yoga & Fitness (Black)

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Crisp & Refined with utmost attention to stitching & detail. RIB fabric used exclusively to provide utmost style, comfort & sleek contours -- providing unlimited range of motion for exercise like Yoga, while maintaining shape. Designed & hand-made in Los Angeles from a custom ProModal fabric -- softer than cotton while more durable & colorfast - this tank will last for years! NO side-seams to interfere with your workout! The only seam is down the center of the back in bamboo green thread.

Black Yoga Tank Top For Men

Life is demanding. Many people have found a way to clear the mind, keep sane and get balance through Yoga. While it is extremely useful, Yoga practice needs adequate preparation and the right outfit. Nothing tight. Natural clothing will work well. However, this is no excuse for showing up poorly dressed. Sustain Tank Top comes in black color and provides both comfort and style. You will squat with utmost ease. The Yoga range of motion is unlimited in this sleek wear. RIB fabric used sets the wearer liberal and introduces a precedence of a productive session making you ready to empty your mind.

The yoga tank top is carefully stitched with unmatched attention to produce a seamless and crisp piece. A product of Los Angeles, this man’s tank top is hand made from a ProModal fabric which is softer than cotton. Apart from doing your great body justice from its texture, the top will last longer than you can imagine and is colorfast. No worries about ugly faded and shapeless stretching as the attire bounces back to shape when you follow guidelines on its wash and care. When in session, you do want a feel of budding things on your skin.

This tank is seamless. Literally! The only seam is down at the center back. Even that is carefully done in a bamboo thread for uniqueness and utmost comfort.

SIZING: Weight guidelines are "general" for a height of 6'. If you're taller, you can use your judgement if you are still normal to lean or very fit body type. i.e..if you're 6'4 but still 180lbs and cut, a size Medium should still be ideal. (S: 145-160lbs; M: 160-175lbs; L: 175-190lbs).

Size Body Length Chest
Small 28" 38"
Medium 29" 40"
Large 30" 42"
X-Large 31" 44"

Model in a photo: 6'1, 170lbs. Size: M

Here are the finer details.

Characteristics of the Men’s Yoga Tank Top

  • The sizes are different to cater for everyone.
  • Close attention paid to this men's yoga tank top is unmatched as it is are handmade. Each piece is therefore 100% unique.
  • When everyone is going green, you do not want to go against the grain. Do you? These pieces are Eco-friendly hence not only safe for the environment, but for your body too.
  • Though the top is perfect for Yoga, you will find it useful in your fitness and Pilates sessions. It is such a bargain, thanks to its multiple roles.
  • Just fold and carry. This light-weight Tank Top is super easy to take as it can fit anywhere.

Size: S, M, L, XL (please choose)

Color: Black

If you are on the look for mens yoga tank top, this is the real deal. Sustain Tank Top is comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Rock it like a star. You will find your size in either small, medium, large or XL. Use the size guide to order and join the class of gentlemen.

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