100% Breathable Men's Cuffed Yoga Pants (Royal Blue w/Orange)

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2x1 RIB cuffing at the bottom to keep your pants "in place"for those hand stands! The rib piping extends uninterrupted from the side of the pant to the back of the rear -- providing amazing stability & flexibility during rigorous activity. Perfect 4 Yoga, pilates, tennis, the gym & running errands. Bamboo green stitch details. Flex waist band with luxe draw cord. This medium-weight Modal fabric (super soft Birch tree fiber) Yoga short pant is perfect for any climate & will be your favorite look!

Cuffed Yoga Pants for men from organic fabric (Royal Blue w/Orange)

When training, you men require pants with comfortable fabric, keeps moisture away and fitting, perfect for rigorous physical exercises. The Cuffed yoga pant for men is your perfect pants of all times. It manufactured from a medium-weight Modal fabric.

If you are a lover of synthetics for their ease of packing and re-using, then try these pants, made of a natural product, and it will be a no turning back for you. You will automatically get lured into to liking naturally manufactured goods. Come rain of shine; you will always want to put it on, for it gives you a gorgeous look that you have ever yearned.

They are ideal for keeping you comfortable throughout the training session. Their perfect weight when worn sets them apart from generic pants.

These pants are the outright ideal for yoga because they support your shape giving you confidence and comfort while training. Also, you do not need much moisture when training so the cuffed yoga pants are good at dispensing excess moisture.

The cuffed yoga pants for men are made with precision to fit not only yoga classes and Pilates, but also people doing, gym sessions, tennis game or even for running your daily errands. They have some bamboo green stitches that blend well with the entire color and together match with a myriad of sport shoe types. At the waist, they have a prominent flexible waistband which has a lure draw cord.

What about the 2x1 rib cuffing at the bottom?

These are good especially when you are making the handstands, as they help keep the pants right in place, for you to perform like a pro. What is more, they have a rib piping that runs right from its side to the back of the rear. Everyone needs those for stability and flexibility since stretching is inevitable while undertaking such meticulous activities.

The cuffed yoga pants for men have deep enough and flat pockets, visible but professionally sewn on top of the Pant. The are safe enough to put your posh phone or pocket comfortably while walking pack home. These favorite pants for men come in different sizes ranging from the extra small size (see Size Chart for measurements).

Size Waist Inseam (Crotch to Floor)
X-Small 26-28" 15"
Small 28-31" 16"
Medium 31-33" 17"
Large 34-36" 18"
X-Large 36-38" 18"

Model in a photo: 6'1, 175lbs. Size: L


  • The cuffed yoga pants for men are hand made in the USA, Los Angeles;
  • The material used to manufacture them is extracted from the Birch tree;
  • Perfect for yoga, tennis lounging, gym and run errands;
  • Cuffed yoga pants for men are light-weight.

Size: S, M, L, (please choose)

Color: Royal Blue w/Orange


Informed and Responsible people shops wisely. When shopping for yoga pants, never stooping low for cheap generic pants. Rather, purchase a serious pair or two of the great cuffed yoga pants for men. They will give you a gorgeous look until when for the manufacturer will come up with the next generation of the same. Buying cuffed yoga pants for men guarantees you of durability and comfort. Now that's being a smart spender.

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