100% Made in USA Men's Eco-Track Yoga Pants (White)

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Flex waist band with 1/2" tubular draw cord. 2x1 RIB piping from side of the pant to top of the rear provides amazing stability & flexibility during rigorous activity. This light-weight Modal fabric (Birch-tree fiber) mens yoga pant is perfect for all climates & will be your favorite track pant, ever! Many report "never taking them off." Absolutely ideal for Yoga, lounging & running errands! Long yet easy to alter length. (see Size Chart for measurements).

Men's Track Pants for Yoga & Fitness

When practicing yoga, you need men cherish lightweight Modal fabric yoga pants, preferable made of Birch-tree fiber. For all weather, it's likely that they feel it their favorite track pant. Many men who choose these pants swear they never want to remove them even when they are through with a session, for its comfy feeling.

Organic yoga pants for men are just okay for every event. You will spot many people in them as they shop. Maybe it's only in courts, that it would be unethical to dress in them. In short, they have become the present men Sunday best. Unlike women, men find it a little difficult or kind of tiresome changing clothes every other time, so they will always have this easy to clean and hardy wearing out pants. In fact, they are now opting to buy an extra pair possibly of another color, to be changing from time to time.

These pants with an elastic A bandwidth and tubular draw code sets carry the day. The favorite yoga pants for men have a 2x1 rib piping which runs from the side of the pant all along to the top of the rear. The manufacturer knew nothing more would provide the much-needed stability yet flexibility when one engages in a rigorous yoga session.

The RIB piping is sizable, depending on the need and size of the wearer. For this reason, the manufacturer has made it possible for one to alter the lenght and brings to you recomendations for people of different size and weist. It is sometimes easy to get mixed up to the extent of not ordering the exact size of your yoga pants from the manufacturer. While in most cases you will have to need the services of a tailor to mend them to size, but with organic yoga pants for men, all you have to do is to either hem or roll them up. Long yet easy to alter length. (see Size Chart for measurements).

SIZING GUIDE: For Small you could be up to about 6' tall without them being too short. With drawcord you could be quite slim and they should still look good on you. For the normal, athletic build, you would achieve the model-type look if you are 5'9 & 150lbs (S) or 6'1 & 170lbs (M). If you have a heavier build or want a more "relaxed" fit, then go one size UP!

Size Waist Inseam (Crotch to Floor)
X-Small 26-28" 30"
Small 28-31" 32"
Medium 31-34" 34"
Large 34-36" 35"
Extra Large 36-38" 35"

Model in a photo: 155, 5'10, size: S.


  • These organic pants for men are handmade, and specifically, made in Los Angeles;
  • The pant's fabric is made from the eco-friendly Birch tree wood;
  • This product comes in different sizes depending on the customer specification, for example, size there is the extra small size, small, medium, large and extra large sizes;
  • The pants waist piping come in different lengths which are easy to alter apart from them being highly flexible;
  • Men's organic yoga pants are ideal for sporting, lounging, and fitness activities;
  • They come in different color depending on the requester's taste;
  • Made of Modal fabric meaning, they are comfortably light when put on.

Size: S, M, L, XL (please choose)

Color: White


The majority always carries the day. According to many honest reviews about these pants, most men have praised them for their supper flattering feature. They also say that they are comfortable and easily allows for movement. These and much more are their selling points. If you have not tried them yet, we think it's time you stop reading tons of review over the internet and spend your money wisely on them. To say the least, they are of best quality, offer incredible looks and are a snug fit. Try them today.

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