Crossover Hoodie (Black)

Crossover Hoodie (Black)

This light/medium weight Hoodie is the perfect intersection of function & fashion. Excellent stitch-work & details abound. RIB paneling used extensively to provide utmost style, comfort, & sleek contours -- down sides of the torso, surrounding the elbows, on the cuffs & shoulders. The fabric around your elbows will no longer "droop" thanks to bending your arms throughout the day. Hand-made in Los Angeles from custom Modal fabric - this fresh, versatile hoodie is softer & more durable than cotton. Made in US
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Crossover Hoodie for Yoga & Fitness

Hoodies are classic, fashionable, artsy, functional and now with organic yoga hoodies for men, they are also organic, which only works to increase the appeal. These men’s yoga hoodies made from birch tree fiber have been specifically designed to make you look and feel good. These yoga hoodies for men are worth every penny they cost. Next time you go hoody shopping, look for organic yoga hoodies. All of which are available in a variety of colors and sizes to your preferences. Here is why.

These yoga hoodies for men are perfect for numerous occasions. Their light weight not to mention refined stitch-work and extensive detail are major characteristics that make it so. You can have it on during the cold or warm seasons; you can wear it to the gym or even when running errands. With characteristics such as the following, there are no better men’s hoodies that you should pull out your money to buy.


  • A high neckline, which gives it an added warmth feature not to mention the variety of looks this feature adds to the hoodie. When you zip it up to the top, it gives a fashionable turtleneck look added to the comfort of warmth at the same time.
  • Hand made from custom Modal fabric. This characteristic makes them softer and much more durable in comparison to other hoody materials like cotton.
  • They have an interior self-lining that goes through the length of the zipper as well as the neck. That gives an awesome shape and sleek design altogether.
  • RIB paneling for complete comfort style and sleek contours, on the cuffs at the base and the sides of your torso as well as surrounding your elbows and on your shoulders. That unique design gives you a base flexibility to pivot point while maintaining shape. No drooping of fabric on your elbows anymore due to bending your arms while you carry out your daily activities. That makes them handy for stress-free workouts and relaxing if that is how you prefer it.

Size Body Length Chest Sleeve
Small 26" 38" 34"
Medium 27" 40" 35"
Large 28" 42" 36"
X-Large 28" 44" 36"

Model in a photo: 6'1, 180lbs, size: L

Size: S, M, L, XL (please choose)

Color: Black

To conclude, next time you go hoody shopping make sure you get yourself men’s organic yoga hoodies. That is if what you are looking for in a hoody is a stylish, classic look and snug fit as well. The organic yoga hoodies provide both of these and more. Making them commendable for numerous functions. Plus, with organic fabric such as these, you could not find any softer yoga hoody for men.

SizeS, M, L, XL