Organic Women's Shorts for Yoga & Fitness


Women's Shorts for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness.

Women's Shorts for Yoga, Pilates, FitnessTwo totally different shorts. The original Yoga Training Short is 95% Organic Cotton with 5% Lycra for stretch. They are in very limited inventory so all sizes may not be available. They come in Black, Baby Blue & Heather Gray. While these shorts are perfect for Yoga & Pilates, they're also great for lounging around the house or going to bed. They're super soft and the mini pockets are sown on the outside of the short.

Softer & smoother than cotton, ProModal is an ideal combination of natural cellulosic fibers derived from Eucalyptus & Birch Trees. The fabric has natural stretch & memory and is incredibly flexible & durable. ProModal wicks 50% more moisture than cotton. These shorts will tolerate the most rigorous Pilates & Yoga positions and are also ideal for spinning, running, hiking, and other physical activities at the gym or on the go. They would also be great as a liner under your tennis skirt. The sustainably farmed forests have tremendous yield per acre & require no pesticide use which results in an eco-impact that is only 1/20th that of cotton.