Organic Yoga Pants for Women - made in USA


Classic Women Yoga Pants

Classic Women Yoga Pants

Feeling comfortable has always been a motivation during yoga training. Despite having good training environment and facilities, your dressing code will determine your level of success during the training session. You will require classic women yoga pants that are fitting, keep moisture away, with comfortable fabric and more so appropriate for intensive physical exercise. The natural fiber will give a good, incredible feeling which also raises your confidence. If you love natural products, this is a best one for you. You need to try it, and you will be looking for another pair. With the many yoga pants available in the market, you will agree with me that none beats the classic yoga pants for women. Are you worried about your size, color and may be the length? You need to worry no more. The classic yoga pants for women have the solution for you. The pants will not only fit your body but also meet your preferences. They come in different sizes, colors, heights and any other client preferences. Besides, the weight of these pants is far much better when worn as compared to other generic pants.

Unlike the other pants made from cotton, you will like how skin friendly these pants are

A ProModal derived from eucalyptus and birch trees is used in making the women yoga pants. You no longer have bear the moist feeling in your pants anymore. The classic women yoga pants with natural fiber incredibly regulate the body climate. The feeling is great and makes you comfortable while performing yoga. I know you desire a gorgeous look when training. The classic yoga pants for women are well shaped to ensure that they do not cut into your skin. They are designed to provide the best outlook during training. Compared to cotton the fabric is softer and smoother. With these pants, you will no longer struggle with a tight elastic band that makes you uncomfortable.

These yoga pants are so comfortable that you can even wear them from morning to evening

They feel like just a second skin. You don’t have to go for cheap products at the expense of your gorgeous look. These classic yoga pants for women offer a perfect color blending on the pants to ensure that you look more beautiful. The lines are always put perfectly. These straight leg pants ensure that your silhouette maintains the strike from all the angles. For the taller ladies, there is something for you too; a longer version of pants is available for you. The long pants have a longer inseam to keep the tall ladies looking fabulous.

Are you still wondering how these pants can make you more comfortable?

Classic women yoga pants have a waistband and paneling of 2x1 rib that’s above the rear. It provides extra comfort, and besides, it also gives more flexibility. There are no stretching limits with the perfect women yoga pants. To be effective in yoga you need to let go of all the tension and pressure with no inferences. That’s why the yoga pants have a 2x1 ribbing at the ankle for smooth yoga performance. The black drawcord enhances comfortability at the waist by tightening the pants down. The classic pants have a broad range of sizes to ensure every lady gets a yoga pant. For the extra small people, we have 23-26” waist measurement and 26” inseam for you. The small and medium we still have appropriate sizes for you. For the large women we cannot afford to leave you out; that why we have pants with 32-35” waist with 29” inseam just for you.

With these pants, you are not limited to carry your valuables

Do not be afraid about floating pockets. Women yoga pants have pockets sewn on the top of the pants. With the natural fiber made women yoga pants you secure from buying pants now and then. Also, you are safe from the shame of torn pants. The natural fiber makes the pants more durable to serve you long enough. The classic yoga pants for women are not only suitable for yoga; you can do quite a lot with these pants. You will still be fit walking to the market center with these pants. Also, they are still good for both morning and evening jog. They can still serve you best in sports, gym activities or even in games such as tennis.


  • Hand-made women yoga pants in Los Angeles
  • Skin-friendly fiber that is soft and smooth from bitch tree
  • Good enough for yoga, gym activity, tennis and jogging
  • Easy to carry


You do not have to entertain the embarrassment that comes with generic yoga pants. Classic yoga pants for women bring you that great desired look. A pair of fabric yoga pants guarantees you comfortability and flexibility. That's all you need for successful yoga training session. Besides, the durability of the pants is something we cannot ignore. A single piece of these classic yoga pants comes with multiple uses. What else do you need? Get yourself a piece of women yoga pants and begin a journey to save your money, energy and time.