Women's Hooded Sweatshirts for Yoga & Fitness

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Women's Hoodies.

Made from ProModal, the Women's Hoodie is produced from the sustainably farmed Eucalyptus and Birch Tree. These natural fibers have a cellulosic structure which give them natural memory and stretch qualities. In addition, it is incredibly skin-friendly and ideal for regulating the climate of the body. Uncanny, these fibers are actually smoother & softer than organic cotton while more durable; wicking 50% more moisture in the process!

Made in Los Angeles. There is a wide 2x1 rib under the breast cage & at the base to keep the silhouette striking from all angles! There are deep-welled front pockets. This hoodie is perfect for transitioning from your Yoga, Pilates, Spinning or other gym & sports classes to your daily errands... in style!