American made organic yoga clothing for Women

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Women's line of organic yoga clothing & workout apparel

Women's Eco- Clothing for Yoga & Pilates, Fitness & Sport exercises at the gym and on the air.Welcome to Women's line of sustainable yoga & active wear shorts, pants, bra tops, workout tops, halters, tunics, after-workout tops, long hoodies, and soon underwear! Much softer than cotton while more durable and colorfast, you're sure to love our ProModal apparel like nothing else. With strict attention to detail, 4-rth apparel resists the bells & whistles of unnecessary stitch work, glitter, prints and spangles, instead focusing on classic lines, colors, and minimalism with the goal of ultimate comfort -- indeed this apparel will feel like a 2nd skin.

You can now go straight from your morning walk to your yoga session, then slip on the Long Body Hoodie and head straight to a late brunch with friends before running important errands. We've outfitted Yoga & Pilates Instructors at various gyms, and a number of Yoga boutiques throughout the world carry the line. In addition to Yoga & Pilates, our clients are involved in Spinning, Kick-Boxing, Running, Hiking, Soccer, Tennis (easily slide a tennis ball under the Bumble short) & other sports.

Apparel are made exclusively from ProModal in a 2x1 Rib that will provide outstanding flexibility for any type of movement, fitness or exercise, and will last for years.

Unlike cotton, ProModal has a cellulosic structure and is the combination of Modal and Tencel (from the Birch & Eucalyptus Trees respectively), which wicks 50% more moisture than cotton providing excellent moisture transportation, outstanding regulation of the body climate and exceptional skin friendliness.