Organic Yoga Tops for Women

Women's Yoga Tops.

Women's Top for Yoga & Fitness4-rth's newest line of Yoga Tops feel like a 2nd skin -- they are made from ProModal which is produced from the sustainably farmed Eucalyptus and Birch Tree. These natural cellulosic fibers are incredibly skin-friendly and ideal for regulating the body climate. This fabric is truly smoother & softer than cotton while wicking 50% more moisture. The Bra Top can be worn alone or under the Sustain Yoga Halter for additional support. These tops are very transitional -- meaning you can wear them for your morning walk right to your errands in style! Then, transition straight into your afternoon Yoga, Pilates, Spin, or kick-boxing session.

Yoga Instructors have raved about the natural stretch & memory characteristics that they feel throughout the day. With any variety of sport, exercise, stretching or gym activity you will love the fit & functionality of your 4-rth top.

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