Men's hooded sweatshirts for Yoga & Workout from organic fabrics

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Men's Hooded Sweatshirts.

Mens Crossover Hoodie for Yoga & Fitness

The Crossover Hoodie has been constructed to have the perfect fit in concert with excellent flexibility. The flexibility comes from the generous use of a 2x1 rib in several locations, one of them being down the sides of the Hoodie. It is also used at the shoulders and surrounds the major pivot point of the elbows.

Made from natural fibers derived from Beech Wood, Modal is softer than cotton yet more durable & more colorfast (retains color better because its cellulosic structure naturally resists hard water deposits). Beech wood comes from the Birch Tree which is sustainably farmed resulting in an ecological impact just 1/20th that of cotton. The eco-friendly yarns are milled here in Los Angeles, California. Even the green zippers on this hoodie are manufactured in downtown Los Angeles.

You can wear the Crossover Hoodie all over town. To the gym, the tennis courts, and everywhere in between. It's a versatile, fit, fun, light-weight jacket that perfectly matches the track pants if you like that "track suit" look.