Men's Tank Tops for Yoga & Workout - made in USA

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Men's Tank Tops for Yoga & Fitness workouts

Men's Tank Tops for yoga & fitness from organic fibers

The perfect Tank Top: a fit tank top that breathes and feels like a 2nd skin. Very hard to find? Look no further. The Sustain Tank is made from the incredible fibers of Eucalyptus and Beech Wood, these natural fibers combined are called ProModal. They both have natural cellulosic structures giving them natural stretch and memory and making them extremely skin friendly, softer than cotton yet more durable, they also wick 50% more moisture. The one seam down the center of the back is a cool yet subtle fashion nod with the "4" logo at the back of the neckline.

Being a 2x1 rib, this Tank has compression-like look & feel, but completely without the tightness associated with compression sportswear. This tank will go everywhere you do -- to the gym, yoga, pilates, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, spinning, cycling, hiking and running. Basically you'll want to wear it all the time!