Cuffed Jogger Yoga & Workout Pants for Men


At Yoga Eco Clothing, we sell yoga pants for men that are tailored to look good on men with different physiques. They’re the perfect combination of functional, fashionable and high-performance clothing. These organic yoga pants for men are an environmentally-friendly and healthier alternative to other yoga pants on the market.

Organic Cuffed Yoga Pants

Made from top-quality birch tree fiber with bamboo green stitch details, the cuffed yoga pants are hand made right here in Los Angeles, U.S.A. They are created from the ideal fabric blend that provides maximum comfort and works nicely for all forms of physical activity that men partake in. The material is designed to fit your body just right, giving you a more masculine, streamlined look and keeping your guys in place. It is long-lasting and the softness in texture holds up with repeated wash and use. The soft tree fiber has a good amount of stretch allowing you stay active and move easily while bending during Yoga, Pilates, tennis or other fitness exercises.

You’d find the waist band with luxe draw cord, very flexible and useful for cinching the waist as needed. You won’t have to worry about having to hold the pants in place with the 2 x 1 Rib cuffing at the bottom of each leg of these yoga pants.

Together with the rib piping that runs straight through the side to the rear of the pants, you can expect your hand stands to look even better as these yoga pants provide amazing stability and flexibility for stretching and other intense physical activity.

With the flat, deep, key keeper pockets on these pants we bet you won’t need a man purse or have to carry more than you need to when you’re on the move. These pockets are about 6.5” deep to the side seam and have a strengthened crotch area to give you piece of mind when placing your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8. Stash your belongings without worry in what we know would soon become your favorite pair of pants.

All-Purpose Yoga Pants For Men

Plus, who said you had to sacrifice style for comfort? Loungewear and active wear are both combined into one with these amazing pants. These cuffed yoga pants will highlight those legs you’ve been putting work into and give you the ultimate high-performance experience while you’re running or doing any type of any fitness-related activity. They also function great as stylish lounge pants that you can wear to relax and perform simple tasks. Wear them when you’re heading out to run a few errands, and don’t be surprised you’ll catch the eyes of several admirers.

These medium-weight cuffed yoga pants are great for use in both warmer and colder weather so you can use them all-year round. Paired with a simple tank or tee in the summer and outerwear in the winter, they provide maximum performance and comfort through and through.