February 16, 2018

While nearly identical to the Eco-Track pant, this tri-color Ultra-Flex pant has an additional section of piping that runs uninterrupted up the inner leg & through the crotch and back down the other side!! This provides really amazing flexibility for those of you who can hit every pose -- including the foot behind your head ;)

Absolutely ideal for Yoga, lounging & running errands! Flex waist band with 1/2" tubular draw cord. 2x1 RIB piping from side of the pant to top of the rear provides amazing stability & flexibility during rigorous activity.

  • These organic pants for men are handmade, and specifically, made in Los Angeles;
  • The pant's fabric is made from the eco-friendly Birch tree wood;
  • This product comes in different sizes depending on the customer specification, for example, size there is the extra small size, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • They come in different color depending on the requester's taste;
  • Made of Modal fabric meaning, they are comfortably light when put on.

You can buy them here - https://yoga-eco-clothing.com/category/track-pants...