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 August 23, 2021 

Made by hand in LA, CA, USA. Women's low-waist, form-fitting, Capri Yoga pants are mid-calf in length with a "raw" edge surged cuff & fully zip-up front pockets. The raw edge hem at bottom that can be altered & shortened easily.

Form fit & tailored-looking, these Capris have panels of rib fabric in pivotal areas to allow for maximum movement & flexibility. Angled zipper-front pockets keep everything in place. Custom-milled organic fabric manufactured in LA for sustainable living.

These Capris are ideal 4 the athleisure lifestyle: Yoga, athletics, crossfit, sports, camping, tennis, hiking, lounging, running, rock-climbing, the gym & running errands in style!

Here are some examples, the rest you can find at the link - https://yoga-eco-clothing.com/category/womens-capri-pants-organic-cotton/

     Women's 4/5 Length Zipper Pocket Capri Yoga Pants (Black)      Women's 4/5 Length Capri Yoga Pants with Zipper Pockets (Red)     Women's 4/5 Length Zipper Pocket Capri Yoga Pant (Green)      Women's 4/5 Length Zipper Pocket Capri Yoga Pants (Heather Grey)