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 March 14, 2018 

Yoga has increasingly gained fame and respect in our modern society today where men have embraced it more than before. The right accessories and attire have contributed in making yoga practice comfortable and fruitful in attaining its full usefulness. Organic sports attire dominates the market like the organic yoga shorts for men due th the following advantages:

  1. The length is up to the knees creating an exclusive design that triumph in style.
  2. They are flexible and won while playing other sports like tennis, Pilates, body building, athletics, and boxing.
  3. They have a small pocket inside the outer pockets that in useful in carrying essential items like keys, flash disks, credit cards and mobile phones.
  4. They have a small pocket inside that in useful in carrying essential items like keys, flash disks, credit cards and mobile phones.
  5. They are available in all colors where one gets an opportunity to choose what they like.
  6. The outer pockets, stitched on top, do not hang outside the short while exercising.
  7. Made from organic materials that are not only safe, comfortable and soft to the skin but also eco-friendly.

Eco-Track Men's Short for Yoga is the spectacular natural attire for men active yoga and other sports. It ranks as the best because they are light and soft. These knee size shorts are ideal for all climates. They have two uninterrupted piping from the rib area that extends to the back part holding the pant firm and enhances balance when one is doing hard exercises. The pockets in front are double stitched with green stitch hence strengthening the specific color of the shorts. They have an inside pocket to carry your small essential items. They are perfect for other sports like Pilates, boxing, and tennis (each short pocket can comfortably carry 2-3 tennis balls).


  • They are made in Los Angeles using hands.
  • The fiber from the Birch tree used to make them is friendly to the environment.
  • Excellent with other physical exercises like body building and Pilates.
  • They are fashionable and light in weight.
  • They are available in all colors.
  • They come in all sizes to cater for all body shapes.


Working out during any exercise or sport strenuous and involving. No doubt that the attire you put ou during such activities should contribute to your comfort, safely, and flexibility. Eco-Track Men's short for Yoga offer the above, and the cost is pocket-friendly. If yoga and exercising are part of your life, then your jorney for searching the perfect shorts to wear during your workout should and here, buy one and experience the value perfect attire.