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 July 4, 2017 

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise that has several healthy benefits. But what many do not know is that Yoga can help you train and develop your butt, helping you achieve that toned and attractive physical look. Yoga provides a very safe and natural way to develop your butt, unlike going through medical operations. This post will reveal five yoga poses that can help you achieve a properly toned butt. Every detail about these poses will be explained. The proper way of executing these poses will also be meticulously described. Here are five yoga poses for buttocks development:

1. The Airplane Kicks Pose

The Airplane Kicks Pose - woman doing yoga

Proceed to tabletop-on your hands and knees. You should then tuck your-toes to provide for more stability and also make sure to hang in your outer shins. Then proceed to lift up your lower belly and engage-your core. At shoulder height, reach your right-arm forward with your-thumb up. Then, at hip level, proceed to extend your-left heel to the back and flex-your foot. Your lower belly should be your source of re-engagement as you reach your-right arm towards your right side. This should be done from straight out your shoulder, along with your palm-facing the ground. For your left side, make your left leg firm and, at hip level, kick out your heel-to the left with your-toes facing forward-facing your mat. Proceed to stand up from your butt & back body. Hold for a few deep breaths, about 5-10. Then come back-to tabletop posture and switch sides. This Yoga pose can be done once a day for about 10-15 minutes to improve your butt shape.

2. Thread the Needle Pose

(pic. from www.yogajournal.com)

Thread the Needle Pose - woman doing yoga

Lie on your back with bent knees and then proceed to cross your right ankle right over your left thigh. Your right arm should then be threaded through the hole and then proceed to catch your left shin with both hands. Both your feet should be flexed whilst drawing your legs towards your body. Your right elbow can be used to press your right leg away from your body so as to aid you in getting deeper into the muscles of your seat. Your breath should be sent down into your lower back, hips and butt. Hold this position for 10 breaths on each side. This yoga pose for buttocks can be done in less than ten minutes, and it will help you get that shape you desire.

3. The Padangusthasana Variation

(pic. from www.yogajournal.com)

The Padangusthasana Variation - woman doing yoga

Step atop your mat in a standing forward bend, ensuring your feet are hip-wide apart. Use your peace fingers to catch your big toes. For both feet, push down into all four corners and inhale into a mid-way lift. Make your leg muscles form to the bones and your weight should be shifted into your left foot. Ensure your left hip is stacked over your heel. Your right femur should be lifted up into your hip and your right foot should float a few inches above the ground. You should then ensure your glute and leg muscles are activated. Lift up your core and stretch your right-heel up and on the same line with-your right hip. Hold for five breaths at-the top and proceed to switch sides. Repeat twice-on each leg for about ten minutes each day to achieve a well-toned butt.

4. The Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

The Padangusthasana Variation - woman doing yoga

Proceed to stand atop your mat and catch your hips in your hands. Through the four corners of your left foot, ground down and lift your tight knee up your hip level. Flex your foot and with your right hand, catch your big toe and stretch your foot forward. Make your center stable by dragging your belly button in and then up. Your upper arm should be drawn onto your back and broadened right across your chest. Hold this position for five breaths. Proceed to rotate your right leg onto the right side. Ensure your heel is kept away from your body and then flex your foot and make your leg muscles very firm. For your left side, stretch your left arm out left and turn your head. Your drishti should then be set to your lifted thumb. Hold this position for five breaths. Performing this yoga pose for about 12 minutes each day will definitely yield improvement to your butt.

5. The Natarajasana (Lord of Dance Pose)

The Natarajasana (Lord of Dance Pose) - woman doing yoga

This is a yoga pose that can greatly enhance your gluteal muscle if performed well. About ten to fifteen minutes daily performance of this yoga pose will train your butt well. To perform this pose, your right standing foot should be well grounded. Proceed to press down in to all four corners and then ignite your quadriceps, also lifting them after. Your other knee should be bent and your inner arch should be caught with your hand whilst ensuring your thumb is facing up and your shoulder is open. Extend your right-arm to the sky. Your tailbone should be tilted down to the ground and ensure you lift up your pelvis from the front. Hug both your knees right towards your centerline and kick your shin behind you with your inhale. From your activated foot, kick your toes towards the sky. Proceed to lift up via your chest and hand and lifted foot. Hold this position for 5 to 10 breaths and then switch sides. Repeat on each side two times.


Yoga provides perhaps the most healthy and natural way of developing a very attractive butt. There is no fear of harm or accident from this exercise, unlike in medical operations. The yoga poses for buttocks described in this article will help you achieve that butt you always wanted. These poses train the gluteal muscles and will help improve the overall shape of the butt. Essentially, these Yoga poses are the ultimate solution to a well-developed butt.