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 April 12, 2017 

How to burn fat with your chaturanga

Behind that calming aura and those graceful lines and dimensions, yoga is a powerful tool to reshape not just your mind, but your body as well. To some people, yoga might seem that easy to break a sweat.

You take a peek at the studio and you can see the instructor demonstrating each sequence as she calmly speaks. The students are all sitting or lying down on their mats and blankets, there is so much calm with all the inhales and the exhales. You won’t hear anyone moaning in pain. As opposed to those who are in the heavyweights area who are screaming their lungs out as they lift every weights and dumbbell.

Then you’d ask yourself, “can I really lose weight with all this calmness?”

Yes, you can.

Yoga can make you lose weight, but not in the way that most of us are accustomed to.

So, if yoga doesn’t work in the same way like when you do resistance training, what are the benefits of yoga for weight loss?

How your “ohm” session can make you lose weight

Even the low-intensity yoga practice such as Vinyasa 1 can still make you lose fat. It is rather amazing how a set of basic yoga moves can still make you burn a sweat. Most of all, you can use yoga for reducing weight no matter what age.

  • Most classes run for more than an hour. Your entire body, each and every muscle is working the entire time.
  • imagine you are holding that chaturanga or that chair pose for a few minutes. As you hold each pose longer, you are strengthening and lengthening every muscle involved.
  • Whenever you hold a pose longer, you are engaging your core muscles more and speeding up your metabolism.
  • The practice of yoga involves discipline. Most yoga enthusiasts practice for about 3-6 times a week. A regular physical activity will boost your metabolism.
  • Yogis and yoginis are one of the most disciplined persons when it comes to eating habits. This has been inculcated to them during their practice.
  • As you slowly become a yogi /yogini, you make smarter food choices.
  • Yoga increases your mindfulness. When you have reached this Zen, you will automatically avoid any food that will make you feel sluggish. Hence, your craving for fried and fatty foods will automatically diminish.
  • Stress eating is one of the factors that hinders a lot of individuals from sticking with their diet. Yoga practice will help you manage stress.
  • Yoga teaches you proper breathing techniques. This can facilitate fat loss. The growth of your muscles is supported with adequate oxygen. The leaner muscles you have in your body, the faster your metabolism gets.
  • Yoga Is perfect for weight loss for women with some restrictions since most yoga poses are gentle and slow.

Yoga- your boost of happiness

Your regular yoga practice can help you burn fat safely, tone those muscles, improve your posture and can make you more mindful of your own body. It also improves your flexibility, allowing for more range of motion. No wonder you feel so much lighter and taller after each session! It is a happy pill that gives you those endorphins for that natural high.

Yoga also aids in the detoxification of your body. That is why you always feel refreshed after your Vinyasa or your Ashtanga session. Yoga will make you more attuned to yourself, making you feel happier and confident. Losing weight is just a bonus!